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GHD has the perfect partner for you to bring style on the go: the style gift set! With the mini paddle brush, small enough to fit in the bag but perfect for a hair always in order, you will no longer have to fear for your hair.


The wide and flat base is ideal for combing large sections of hair when drying or for creating a neat ponytail. ghd heat protect spray with UV protection protects your hair from damage from UV rays and the heat caused by styling, leaving you more time to dance and no worries of style. Scientifically formulated for all hair types, the new formula includes Benzophenone-4 which blocks UV sun rays before they reach your hair, protecting them from damage. The spray also contains ghd heat protection system and conditioning agents, to provide extra protection during hot styling, drying and other environmental factors. The mini paddle brush and ghd heat protect spray with UV protection are contained in a wonderful beauty bag,

GHD style gift set - mini paddle & heat protect spray

    • mini paddle brush
    • ghd heat protect spray with UV protection
    • beauty bag
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