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Achieve denser-looking hair with the NIOXIN 3-part Scalp Therapy Revitalising Conditioner for Natural Hair with Light Thinning.


Step two of the brand's 3-part treatment, the professional formula delivers intense conditioning, whilst helping to minimise breakage for stronger, healthier hair. Fortified with a Transactive Delivery System and Activ-Renewal™ technology (a concentrated blend of age defying botanicals and humectants) to replenish the scalp and increase the density of each hair strand. Thinning hair looks thicker and fuller with restored shine.


Note, their are six different options available depending on which system you require:


System 1 - For natural hair with light thinning.

System 2 - For natural hair with progressed thinning.

System 3 - For coloured hair with light thinning.

System 4 - For coloured hair with progressed thinning.

System 5 - For chemically treated hair with light thinning.

System  6- For chemically treated hair with progressed thinning.

NIOXIN Cleanser Conditioner 300ml

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